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Propane Gas Bottle – 4Kg

Propane gas is used frequently in camping situations for cooking as well as powering a 3-way fridge.  This 4Kg gas bottle will provide sufficient gas for up 7 days
Overall Size: 350mm H X 250mm W – round shape
Weight incl. Gas: 9.6Kg

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Battery Pack – 12 volt DC - 110aH capacity

Use these versatile 12vdc Battery Packs to power your fridge, lighting and other electrical equipment.  They have Anderson and CIG power outlets and USB for phone recharge.  Used together with our solar Panels you should not run out of power.  Re-charge is via the internal mains battery charger.  This Battery Pack will power your fridge for 2 – 5 days depending on usage, size and ambient temperature of the day.

Overall Size: 420mmL X 280mmW X 380mmH
Weight: 42kg

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Camp Lights – LED Omnidirectional

Camp Out lighting is very bright and uses minimum power due to their LED technology.  Plug into your car CIG outlet or our battery packs for great visibility around your camp site and in your tent.

Overall Size: 250mm L X 55mm Dia.
Cord: 5.5mts long (approx.) with switch.

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Power Inverter - 300watt - Pure Sine Wave

Power Inverters will provide 240vac (mains power) from a 12vdc source like your car battery or one of our Battery Packs.  They are rated at 300watts only so are not suitable for appliances that heat (hair dryers) or have a heavy power demand.    Great for lap tops, camera battery charging etc.   Use with care as they provide mains power.

Overall Size: 240mm L X 150mm W X 65mm H
Power Connectors: 12vdc – 800mm length with Anderson plug – Mains – Std. GPO

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Solar Panels – 120 watt

Camp Out solar panels are rated at 120 watt output and are sized to match the requirements of our 12 volt portable fridges.  With our solar panels together with a battery pack or your car battery, you will not run out of power provided the sun shines.

Type A – 2 fold panel: 840mm L X 600mm W X 90mm H – 14Kg
Type B – 3 fold panel: 650mm L X 600mm WX 170mm H – 17Kg

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Metal Detector

Our metal detectors are entry level units making them easy for a novice to use in the field.   They are sensitive enough to find buried metal objects to a depth of over 200mm including precious metals and ferrous metals.   It is great fun for the kids to find a buried horse shoe or uniform button around old farm sites or bush camps.   Interestingly, several customers have found lost wedding rings at the beach and in grassy paddocks.

Supplied in carry bag 400mm W X 1200mm L.
Uses 2 X 9v (square) batteries supplied

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Night Vision Monocular – Newton

Much of the Australian fauna is nocturnal.  Our Night Vision Monocular is great for seeing just what exactly what is going ‘bump in the night’ around your camp site.   You will be able to get very close to possums, owls, marsupials and lots of other interesting animals without them being scared off by your presence.

Supplied in carry case – 200mm L X 120mm W X 70mm H. Uses 2 X AA batteries supplied

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Spotting Scope - Schoefhaussen - X20 - X60

Our high magnification X20 to X60 Spotting Scope is typically used by bird watches, sports enthusiasts and target shooters.  Magnification is zoom adjustable and has a 75mm aperture lens with extendable sun shade.   It is supplied in a carry case with a short tripod.   Full height tripod also available.

Supplied in carry case – 480mm L X 230mm W X 80mm H.  Tripod Height – 280mm

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Binoculars - Schoefhaussen 8 X 42

Our 8 X 42 Binoculars are top quality and used for field observations as well as being the ideal choice for whale watching.

Supplied in carry case – 180mm L X 160mm W X 75mm H.

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Shower Unit (Pump up)

Our shower unit is versatile and can be heated either by standing next to a fire or by placing it on a gas cooker.   The inbuilt thermometer will indicate the heat of the water inside the unit.  All you do is pump up the unit with the internal pump and place on flat ground and have a comfortable warm shower.   Super easy.   Supplied in a metal carry case.
Supplied in carry case – 680mm L X 250mm W X 250mm H.

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Camp Kit

Our Camp Kit contains all the basic equipment you will need around your camp site.  It includes; a hatchet, heavy duty gloves, wood saw, eye protection, shovel and crapper wrapper for toilet paper.   It is supplied in a canvas carry bag.

Supplied in carry case – 680mm L X 250mm W X 250mm H.

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Jerry Cans for Fuel and Water

Fuel rated Jerry cans are the only safe and legal way to carry fuel for your vehicle.  We have a range of jerry cans for both fuel and water depending on the application.

Typical size – 340mm L X 160mm W X 460mm H

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Camouflage Netting

No you are not hiding a cannon.   Camouflage netting is great for reducing the sun light and shading your camp site from the heat but allowing a cooling breeze to pass.   It produces a pleasant ‘dappled’ effect of shade and light around your site area.

Typical size – 5mts x 2.8mts

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Air Compressor for Tyre inflation

When 4WDing you need to ‘air down’ your tyres depending on the terrain you are driving.   You then need to ‘air up’ your tyres once you get back to solid ground or tarmac.   Our compressors are the twin cylinder type which will inflate your tyres pretty quickly.   They have a built in pressure gauge and the unit comes with a tyre deflator all provided in a carry case.

Overall Size 300mm L X 220mm W X 220mm H
Weight 3.5kg

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