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Camp Out Portable Fridges and Ice Chests

You can use Camp Out portable fridge hire Sydney service when you are camping in the bush or caravan park, at home for that special party or for an important event.   Our portable fridges will both freeze or keep food cool – as you need.   Our compressor fridges will operate from both 12vdc power and mains power.  We test our fridges before each fridge hire for your safety and they are supplied disinfected and just as clean as they can be.

For food hygiene purposes we strongly recommend a fridge in preference to an ice chest when you need to keep food items chilled and food safe.

40lt Engel

Ideal for 1-2 people camping and is the best fit inside the rear of a crowded 4WD vehicle. It runs on 12vdc battery power or mains power.

Stores Approx. 45 Cans
Internal Size 370mmL X 270mmW X 360mmH
External Size 720mmL X 420mmW X 490mmH

Hire Prices:

3-way Dometic

Use this portable fridge in situations where there is no mains power available. This portable fridge runs on propane gas, 240vac mains power and also 12vdc battery power.   Not recommended for battery power due to the heavy power load it creates. Will suite 1-3 people camping and will require a gas bottle which we can provide.

Stores Approx. 54 Cans
Internal Size 500mm L X 250mm W X 420mm H
External Size 660mm L X 540mm W X 530mm H

Hire Prices

60lt Engel /EvaKool

This small portable fridge is best for a small family or group of 3 – 4 people camping.  Sufficient room to keep both drinks and food safe.

Stores Approx. 56 Cans
Internal Size 500mmL X 360mmW X 300mmH
External Size 910mmL X 520mmW X 460mmH
Hire Prices

85lt EvaKool

Best for a larger group of 4 – 6 people camping or for a party at home.  Sufficient room to keep both drinks and food safe.

Stores Approx. 80 Cans
Internal Size 600mmL X 380mmW X 310mmH
External Size 970mmL X 560mmW X 455mmH

Hire Prices

95lt EvaKool

Best for large groups or for a party at home or function anywhere.   Plenty of room for drinks and food for a large event.

Stores Approx. 90 Cans
Internal Size 580mmL X 390mmW X 420mmH
External Size 880mmL X 510mmW X 570mmH

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Ice Chest 55lt

Great for keeping drinks cold when you have ice available.   Not recommended for the safe storage of food items.

Stores Approx. 56 Cans
Internal Size 510mmL X 350mmW X 310mmH
External Size 580mmL X 440mmW X 420mmH

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